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  • Night shift wasn't bad. Business usually slows down during the colder months, and if you combine that with the construction (which has taken out half of our lights, making it look like we're closed) it's no wonder we didn't have much business. We only had one customer in the hour before closing, so everything got done quickly and I was home before midnight.
  • Comics! The solicits for Children's Crusade have me worried beyond all belief for the rest of the series, but fingers crossed everything will turn out relatively all right. As long as Wanda is alive and not mistreated by the end of the series, I'll be happy. X-Factor's still keeping me happy. As I'm sure you've all noticed, I'm a big fan of soap opera drama, and recent happenings in X-Factor are right along those lines. My only issue is that can't wait until Emanuela Lupacchino comes back. I don't mind Leonard Kirk's art, but I like Emanuela's a lot better. I read Wolverine and the X-Men #1 today through dubious sources (;-) ) and wow, was that a fun comic or what? The art was great, the story was amusing and it just flowed the whole way until the end. I'm definitely buying this series. There's a hole in my pull list now that Alpha Flight got downgraded back to a miniseries, and once Children's Crusade finishes, there'll be another hole to fill.
  • Speaking of Emanuela, she's on Twitter now, as well as her inker Guillermo Ortego! I met him at NYCC and he's a great guy, so go follow her and go follow him too!
  • Also, I ate coconut M&M's. They're... interesting. I like coconut, but they're almost too strong for me.
  • As I was listening to music before work yesterday, I got an idea for NaNoWriMo. An idea that will require extensive planning and research. And it's five days before November. Should I attempt it? Anyone want to listen to some of my blather? Once I get everything else I wanted to get done today, I think I'll write up some of my ideas and see if they take shape.
  • (OH COME ON. PAD just posted on Facebook, saying no one online has come close to guessing what happens at the end of X-Factor #227. This had better be the biggest mind trip of the century, that's all I'm saying.)
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re: X-Factor #207, as unspoilery as I can make it.

Oh. My. God. Most of us at [ profile] ricstar figured it was going to end like that, but DAMN. It actually happened. Ouch, poor Rictor's head asplode.

There needs to be icons from this issue ASAP.

Now, off to catch up on one month's worth of internship blogging and reading #207 reviews while enjoying free Wi-Fi.

[EDIT] Oh, so that's the next Tag system everyone's been talking about. Don't know how I feel about it.


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